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November 2008 reviews

nobunny love visions cd reviewCD OF THE MONTH
Love Visions
Label: 1234 GO
For fans of: Sha-na-na fuzz punk, the Hexxers, the Washouts, the Wailers (the garage band), the Haze (Hasil Adkins), the Mummies, the Cramps, the Ramones, the Queers, the Stitches, the 13th Floor Elevators

CD review:
As someone who owns more crusty garage punk than your average gal, something tells me most of the people who reviewed this disc just didn't get it. Let's see if I can do it justice. I played it for my boyfriend and he left me. So I got dressed up in my sluttiest outfit, went down to the local waterin' hole and found a new guy who can identify every automotive fluid by a taste test. My new man and I then killed my ex-boyfriend and pawned his teeth to buy matching leather jackets and beer - yeah, that's what kind of CD this is. Nobunny sounds like a retarded middle school Ramones cover band. You either love him and show it with creative insults, or you hate him and show it with lame insults.

architect ghosts of the saltwater machines cd reviewBand/album: Architect, Ghosts of the Saltwater Machines
Label: Black Market
For fans of: Misery Index, Converge, Norma Jean, the Casualties

CD review:
Did you like the way Architect laid it on thick and heavy with last year's release All is not Lost? Okay, then you'll like Ghosts of the Saltwater Machines. With the heavy lyrics and raw production, it could be a slow motion punk album - the Casualties at half speed maybe. This album's monolithic sound virtually explodes from the speakers. The harsh vocals are comparable to Under The Running Boards/Calculating Infinity era Dillinger Escape Plan, and though it's nowhere near as technical as DEP the slow parts, laden with pulsating intensity make this disc quite outstanding.

blackened this means war cd reviewBand/album: Blackened, This Means War
Label: Think Fast
For fans of: Hatebreed, Terror, Madball, Down, Hell Yeah!

CD review:
More powerful than the bands from which its members sprung, Blackened could be the metalcore album to kick your ass and melt your face. There's nothing feminine about it, but I know you gals are going to love the thick, chunky chops and bulky riffs. One problem I've always had with bands like Hatebreed and Madball is that they're too compressed and too over produced. Blackened has left the edges raw, making This Means War more abrasive, interesting, and more original than other albums in this genre. I have no problem recommending this to anyone who is into real hardcore.

everything now spatially severed cd reviewBand/album: Everything, Now!, Spatially Severed
Label: MFT
For fans of: Beck, David Bowie, Flaming Lips, Red Elvises, Foxy Shazam

CD review:
Guys like Beck and David Bowie are few and far between. From time to time groups of these guys convene to form corny intellectuloid groups like Weezer, Pink Floyd, or Everything, Now! They ignore genres and scenes in favor of creating goofy music meant to be heard by a few dedicated weirdoes in small bars. A little "Ziggy Stardust" and a little "Just Like Buddy Holly", Spatially Severed makes light of some serious soul searching. And if you're the right kind of person this album might just speak to you in a way no other album can.

feeding fingers baby teeth cd reviewBand/album: Feeding Fingers, Baby Teeth
Label: Stickfigure
For fans of: the Cure, the Rapture, Joy Division

CD review:
Almost indistinguishable from the Cure at time, Feeding Fingers has the weight of the world on their shoulders. Baby Teeth is just as good as the Cure's Faith or The Top, but the real question is: will they be able to pull off a Disintegration or Wish? I do feel this band has more to offer fans than the Rapture. And while some people just might not be able to listen to a band that sounds this much like the Cure without it being the Cure, I like their sound. In the future I'd really like to see Feeding Fingers incorporate a little more aggression and post punk. Perhaps they can pick up where the first Rapture album left off. Sorry to turn this into a Cure review, but these guys really do sound just like the Cure.

kivimetsan druidi cd reviewBand/album: Kivimetsan Druidi, Shadowheart
Label: Century Media
For fans of: yikes, operatic female folk symphonic metal

CD review:
If you're going to spend eight hours a day in front of your computer playing Warcraft, Kivimetsan Druidi’s Shadowheart is the perfect music to do it to. It's not just symphonic-metal, it’s not just symphonic-folk-metal, it’s symphonic-folk-metal with an operatic female vocalist at the helm. One minute you're in a concert hall listening to Carmen, the next minute you're leading a troop of bombastic Norsemen headfirst into a fight to the death battle for possession of J.R.R. Tolkien’s soul.

light the city stormchaser cd reviewBand/album: Light This City, Stormchaser
Label: Prosthetic
For fans of: melodic thrash metal, At The Gates

CD review:
To say Light This City is a female fronted metal band is an understatement. It’s more accurate to call them a demon fronted metal band. Sure, a gal handles the vocals, but she could kill your father and all your uncles in a heartbeat. There’s a lot more shred on Stormchaser than on previous releases, however, the band has upped the ante in the melody department as well. Few bands have matched aggression and melody as well as Light This City. Their departure from the scene leaves a void that will not be filled anytime soon.

lightning daze caught in a frame cd reviewBand/album: Lightning Daze, Caught in a Frame
Label: Engineer
For fans of: Get Up Kids, Samiam, Radon, Knapsack

CD review:
Musically, Caught in a Frame falls under the rudimentary indie rock sub-heading. The vocals are similar to the Get Up Kids, but the music is considerably less refined. The drummer on this album is off - way off - on timing, fills and cymbals. But it should be mentioned that this band has had the fortitude to stick together despite flaws. Where most bands would sell a member out just at the chance of getting signed - or for even less - these guys have staayed together since high school. I commend them for that.

monikers wake up cd reviewBand/album: Monikers, Wake Up
Label: Kiss Of Death
For fans of:
Jawbreaker, Letherface, the Shook Ones, Dillinger Four
CD review:
The following review is meant to be positive. Here's a bunch of unmotivated slackers making music for other like-minded individuals. The production couldn't be much worse if it was recorded by a deaf retard in a truck stop bathroom, however, the production actually adds to this album's overall personality. The vocals are grittier and dirtier than Jawbreaker and the guitar melodies are equally catchy. To say a band is equal in any aspect to Jawbreaker is a compliment. I've already said too much, let's stop here. Click on the album cover to hear for yourself.

the serious geniuses you can steal the riffs but you can't steal the talent cd reviewBand/album: The Serious Geniuses, You Can Steal the Riffs, but You Can't Steal the Talent
Label: Kiss Of Death
For fans of: indie punk, Pavement, the Ergs, Jawbreaker

CD review:
The riffs on this album are stolen from Jawbreaker, but they haven't gotten around to stealing the talent yet. They play very basic indie punk that's slightly poppy with semi-raspy vocals.

useless id the lost broken bones cd reviewBand/album: Useless ID, The Lost Broken Bones
Label: Suburban Home
For fans of: Bayside, Alkaline Trio, No Use For A Name

CD review:
With all the makings of a tight punk band only slightly darker and more demented, Useless ID's The Lost and Broken Bones should appeal to fans of Bayside and Alkaline Trio. They have the potential to reach fans looking for something more lugubrious or sanguine than your average Bad Religion or Green Day album can offer. These songs are unnerving and intense, but they don't have quite the same sound of Rise Against or The Gaslight Anthem.

virgins miscarriage cd reviewBand/album: Virgins, Miscarriage
Label: Kiss Of Death
For fans of: New Mexican Disaster Squad, Circle Jerks, TSOL

CD review:
Phil, if you're reading this, HI!!! Made up of ex-members of New Mexican Disaster Squad and some of the most famous guys to never leave the Orlando area, Virgins sounds like everything I grew up listening to. Their sound is remarkably similar to New Mexican Disaster Squad. For those of you who don't know NMDS, it sounds like a really melodic Black Flag. Think of "TV Party" run through the fun machine. The rough vocals will piss off your parents, the muffled but loud instrumentation will drive your roommates crazy; but if these people don't like your music it might be time to move out.

woe of tyrants kingdom of might cd reviewBand/album: Woe of Tyrants, Kingdom of Might
Label: Metal Blade
For fans of: Skeletonwitch, Testament, Toxic Holocaust

CD review:
Oh my God, this band actually is as good as their press sheet says. Whatever you heard about them shredding, ripping, tearing or any other verb ending in "ing" is true. According to their press sheet they're also decent human beings who have fused a positive message into their evil-ass sounding music. They could tell me to beat my dog and I'd still listen, this really is good stuff. I'm inclined to compare them to modern thrash because of the fast guitar work and growls. But there's more to it than just the thrash. This album is a step in the right direction for metal in general.

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